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Why You Should Always Use Mulch for a Healthy and Impressive Garden

You may not have aspirations to win the "best garden of the neighbourhood" award, or at least any time soon, but you really want to be proud of your yard. You want to cultivate a green and verdant lawn and make sure that your flower beds are healthy and spectacular through all seasons of the year. In order to do this, you need to cultivate your green fingers and learn what plants work best in your particular climate, but you also need to choose the best raw materials to help you achieve your goals. One of the most important, albeit basic, materials here is mulch. What do you need to know about this crucial additive?

Many Benefits

Firstly, there are various different types of mulch available for different circumstances. They do share the same essential characteristics though and will help to keep the soil beneath moist, so you don't need to introduce as much water as you would otherwise. They will also act as a temperature regulator to a degree and will be a blanket when it gets too cold or provide some relief from a harsh sun in the summer. Furthermore, they will help to keep weeds at bay, and this will retain the nutrients and water for your other plants.

When it rains, mulch will remain in place even during a washout, which will help prevent erosion and soil compaction. Last but not least, mulch will also help you to maintain a very attractive appearance and will be bound to score well when those judges drive by!

Organic Choice

Most people today will choose organic mulch as they are keen to reduce their overall carbon footprint. In turn, this will benefit the soil as the organic material contained within tends to decay as time goes by. This will improve the quality and composition of the soil and plants therein.

You're likely to see an abundance of earthworms and other organisms as well, and this can only be of benefit to your soil when you use organic mulch as part of a healthy garden.

Mulch Composition

The most common variety of mulch is made up of wood or bark chips. If you choose the shredded variety, they are likely to be hardier and will stand up even better during a heavy rainstorm. Furthermore, they will provide you with a particularly nice aroma when you are wondering in your garden at the end of a long day.

For more information, contact your local mulch delivery service.