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Building a Fire Pit: The Perfect Weekend Project

Since man first discovered how to make fire, it's held humans in its thrall, with sitting around a campfire one of the most relaxing, hypnotic ways to spend a nice evening. Of course, fire can be dangerous, so it's important to take precautions if you're planning on having a fire in your back garden.

One of the best ways to control fire and stop it from spreading is to build your own fire pit. On top of its safety benefits, a fire pit will give you a beautiful spot to sit by the fire outdoors, and you'll probably find yourself wanting to spend every evening beside it. The great thing about building a fire pit is that it's a fairly simple project, and you can be proudly enjoying your handiwork in no time. Here's how to go about building a firepit to burn your red gum firewood in.

Choose your materials

Most importantly, you need some kind of stones to build the wall of your pit. Ordinary house bricks work perfectly well for this project, but for a more rustic look, you can use broken pavers, rough cut stones, or even natural rocks if you can find enough. You'll also need some concrete mix – a fast-drying product is helpful, and some plain sand.

Choose your spot

When you're deciding where to build your pit, safety is paramount. It's best to keep it at least 20 feet away from buildings and fences, and nowhere near trees or shrubs that might hang over it or grow close enough to catch fire. If there's paving in your spot, you'll need to lift it up in preparation.

Dig the pit

Measure your stones to find out how wide the wall will be and multiply this number by four to get the diameter of the entire circle. Mark out this circle on the ground using spray paint, and then dig it to about a foot in depth.

Start building

Prepare your concrete and, when it's well mixed, fill a ring around the edge of the circle the same width as your wall will be. Place the first layer of stones, add more concrete to fill in the gaps and cement the next layer, then place more stones. Two layers are enough, but if you want it higher, you can add a third. It doesn't matter if you're not a great bricklayer, as a fire pit looks great if the stones or bricks aren't perfectly even. When you've finished, wait for the concrete to dry fully.

Finishing touches

Make sure your stones are set in place by gently prodding them. When you're sure they're firm, pour sand into the circle about two inches deep. Grab some wood, build a fire, and gather your friends and family around your new fire pit.